Google Cloud Platform

Apart from a set of management tools, Google Cloud Platform provides a series of modular cloud services including infrastructure as a service, platform as a service, and serverless computing environments. If you want to use GCP for your business’s advantage, we have all the expertise you need to choose and implement the most adequate solution.

What can we help you with?

We develop our projects using a containerized environment – mainly docker images 

What’s next?

  • We can deploy such applications easily to Google Cloud Platform using services like Cloud Build or Google Cloud Deploy (they can also be triggered with pipelines on the gitlab/github side)
  • Project can be released with the use of services such as: Kubernetes Engine, Cloud Run (container env), or Compute engine
  • We can use many automatic scalability options and scale an application live based on metrics or scale on demand

Cloud infrastructure based projects

Why Google Cloud Platform?



Integrating projects with Google Cloud Storage service allows secure storage of files and enables scalability

We’re able to add new resources (machines) on the fly without the need of file synchronization as those can be used from the Google Cloud Storage service.


Firestore and Firebase

Firestore and Firebase technologies allow to store information in a document manner

The information can thus be fetched live using a websocket connection or/and a gRPC protocol. It makes live messaging and notifications between backend and frontend applications quite easy.

Additional advantages

High Productivity

With Google weekly updates your productivity level is bound to increase.

Easily adaptive

Google introduces small and gradual changes which gives you time to adapt.

Remote Access

You can access your data from anywhere at any time using Google’s web apps.

Stability & security

Google is an example of the highest level of security and its cloud counterpart makes no exception.


You have control over the data in Google applications, and in case you opt-out, your data can be easily extracted.


If a data center is not available, the system immediately falls back on the secondary center without any interruption.

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