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We live in a digital world where data is the cornerstone of a company's success. That’s a good reason to protect this most valuable asset to a larger extent.


Keeping your data stable and secured

Attackers can strike using many different vectors, and the loss can be significant - not only in finances but also in legal responsibilities or company’s reputation. As it’s always better to prevent than react, testing a company's security posture is of the most urgent importance. We offer in-house expertise and cooperate with the market security leaders to provide you with one-stop services for all your security needs.

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Vulnerability assessment

It’s a process of identifying, categorizing and prioritizing all the vulnerabilities found in a customer environment - information system, network, user workstation, application, or database. It includes:

  • Network discovery / IT assets scans - Before you proceed, it is important to quickly identify all your IT assets. Knowing what you have is a key to a successful assessment. Simply put, you can’t protect an asset that you don’t know exists.

  • Network vulnerability scans - Its primary role is to identify possible network security attacks and vulnerable systems.
  • Host based scans - More in-depth scans of your IT systems that consider configuration settings and patch management.
  • Web application vulnerability scans - Automated application testing.
  • Database vulnerability scans.

Penetration testing

It’s the next step to find potential blind spots in systems or programs. Unlike vulnerability assessment, it focuses on scanning an application. Using penetration testing, highly skilled professionals try to break the security of a system or application to gather confidential information. The process consist of:

  • Planning - It is very important to set the scope of the testing and the rules of engagement before the actual tests.
  • Information gathering and discovery - Depending on the penetration testing we’re performing - Black, White or Gray Box - there will be a different scope of information gathering and discovery. At this point we’ll use OSINT (Open Source Intelligence) methodologies to gather required information.

  • Vulnerability scanning - Depending on the system, we can perform a basic vulnerability scanning that’ll show us the major faults (if any) of the application or a system.
  • Exploitation - It is important to engage with a company using a set code of ethics, as people performing the penetration testing can find very sensitive information.
  • Reporting - After testing, the report provides information about what holes were found and how the security was breached. It enables a client to fix the issue either by resolving the problem or by implementing additional security controls.

Penetration testing types

  • White Box - provides the attacker with detailed information about the systems. It enables to omit many of the reconnaissance steps, and shorten the time to test.
  • Black Box - no information prior to the attack.
  • Gray Box - balance between white and black box testing

Security awareness program

The weakest point in your security defences are people. That’s why it is extremely important to provide your employees with the right training and knowledge. Phishing attacks that lead to ransomware attacks are on the rise. In extreme cases, all company’s data can be lost which simply means that the business ceases to exist. To make sure that the workforce’s adequately prepared to cope with social engineering attacks, you should implement an organised security awareness program. Besides training, it will provide your team with additional hands-on experience on how to assess, recognize and take organised steps to prevent such attacks. We can measure the user responses, through an automated process.


Software testing

It is extremely important to implement proper software testing. And it’s not only interface testing, but most importantly security testing. Together with our experts we can provide tests including code review, static testing, dynamic testing, and a bill of materials.

  1. Code review
    • Developers walking through their code in a meeting with one or more other team members
    • A senior developer performing manual code review and signing off on all code before moving to production
    • Use of automated review tools to detect common application flaws before moving to production

  1. Dynamic testing
    • Evaluates the security of software in a runtime environment.
    • Web application scanning
    • Fuzz testing - Mutation fuzzing, Generational Fuzzing. Submitting random, malformed data as inputs into software programs to determine if they will crash
  2. Static testing
    • Evaluating the security of software without running it by analyzing the source code.
    • Use of automated tools
  3. Bill of materials - listing all the modules used in software development and checking if they are safe.

Cloud security

The transformation to cloud accelerated, fueled by the new initiatives and advancement of technology. Unfortunately, many companies forget that moving to the cloud has to be done properly, especially considering the process’ security. Our Cloud team can provide you with the expertise and experience to design, review and architect secure cloud environments.


The key points that should be taken under consideration are:

  • Cloud security governance
  • Cloud compliance
  • Cloud operation
  • Privileged account management
  • Cloud environment security
  • Data security

It is extremely important to remember that no matter what cloud services the consumer uses, it will always be responsible for the security of their data. It is especially important when processing sensitive data like personal identifiable or healthcare information.

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