Design systems

We know the essence of an orderly organization of every work process. That is why we use a dedicated design system composed of components that can be used multiple times in different combinations.

Make it neat and in order

It’s the key to coherent design

This approach allows us to keep everything in order in case of expanding the design principles in the future. It optimizes the process and lets us organize the implementation neatly just like LEGO bricks.

Clients who benefited from designed systems

Why Design Systems?



Design systems allow us to manage projects when it comes to scale 

It consists of a couple of elements: defined colors, fonts (with sizes), components (buttons, inputs, labels), meshes, and icons. The more complex our system is, the more elements it will contain – margins, examples of use, and much more.


Atomic Design

Each of our projects is built from atoms

By connecting them, we gain molecules ready to create an organism that can be copied. Thanks to this approach we can coherently grow our design and control implemented modifications.


From atom to system

After defining an atom we can start building the whole design system 

To achieve consistency, we need to use previous components when creating new ones. For example, the chart can include symbols like: icon, shadow, shape, state or text. The size of the final organism depends on the size of the project which determines how many atoms we will use.

Additional advantages

Business owner

Labour intensity of the project is optimised by maintaining high quality of the outcome. The time of implementation is also shortened.


A well-prepared design system allows to keep the coherency of the project and reach for needed assets in a simple and comfortable way – without asking the design team for help.

QA Team

Testers use design systems as ready-to-use testing scenarios to find out if the product is done according to requirements and specifications.

UX Team

Using ready-made components, text styles, icons and other elements allows creating clear pixel-perfect wireframes and makes the process convenient.

Time efficiency

Save time and create new visual assets with a blink of the eye.


Increased efficiency and consistency lead a company to build faster products at scale.

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Customer’s review

They are more than able to fulfill the projects they take on. Iteo has an extremely helpful team that offers advice and immerses itself into client needs.
I’m glad I have a partner in iteo that is able to complete the project seamlessly from concept, through development, to product launch.
Working with iteo saved us a lot of time in development. They were the right vendor for the job, we didn’t need to consider any other options.
iteo offered creativity and strong project management. They delivered each phase of the project on time and within budget.

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