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By thoroughly discussing your design idea at the very beginning, you avoid additional costs later on. The right strategy is the key to success. We appreciate feedback and brainstorming, as they are the basic method to find a common ground and optimize the development process from its launch till even after deployment.

Having an idea is the first step

Elevate your vision to the next level

During our product development process, we need to establish a lot of guidelines and pinpoints to make your idea real. We can do it during conceptual workshops and discuss the whole concept together.

Clients who benefited from our UI workshops

Why UI workshops?


Better communication

There is no good collaboration without communication 

We need to understand a product, a target audience and a business goal. Our approach is to be in touch with a client – and it starts with 2 days of workshops where we analyze the competition, think about visuals and create first mockups, take notes, and challenge the main assumptions. This way, we can predict an approximate timeline and have a concrete vision that will meet the requirements and is realistic to develop.


Picking the right team

A good team allows us to finish a project and expect spectacular results 

That’s why during workshops we pick professionals from our team to be responsible for every part of the product’s development. A project manager, UX and UI designers, as well as frontend and backend developers specializing in particular technologies matched with the solution we want to achieve. The teams will cooperate to make an app from scratch and update a client about the results.


Pro experience

Meeting the team and understanding the workflow

It’s a crucial part of collaboration, as it engages every party in the process. We believe that involving an employee from a client’s side is the best way to get unique thoughts and remarks. It’s a person who knows the company’s target audience and business goals best. Together we’ll figure out the best solutions giving you our expertise and gaining your insights.

Additional advantages

Accurate estimations

Preparing everything beforehand helps us establish the timeline and costs better.

Direct participation

Being a part of the project is beneficial for both a client and our development team.

Idea verification

We research and test your assumptions, editing them according to results so they can be even more perfect.

Wireframes & mockups

We will show you the first views and prototypes of your product shortly after the workshop.


Building documentation with guidelines for the project is always a good idea.

Meeting up beforehand

We achieve mutual understanding when meeting face-to-face and thus find a common ground.

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Customer’s review

They are more than able to fulfill the projects they take on. Iteo has an extremely helpful team that offers advice and immerses itself into client needs.
A consistently reliable partner, iteo is a strong company which delivers skilful products. We haven’t experienced a single problem from their side with the timeline or scope.
Working with iteo saved us a lot of time in development. They were the right vendor for the job, we didn’t need to consider any other options.
Przygotowanie i wdrożenie nowej platformy sprzedażowej Marketables we współpracy z firmą iteo jako zaufanym doradcą i profesjonalnym usługodawcą przebiegało sprawnie i skutecznie. Najwyższa jakość deweloperska przekłada się na trwałość i bezpieczeństwo naszego serwisu.
iteo team demonstrated a lot of care to make sure things were done right. They seemed to have a vester interest in making this product great, even though they don’thave any equity in the company.

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