User research

We offer different types of user research, depending on your needs and stage of your product lifecycle. We have tools and knowledge to find out everything you need to know before a final launch and to deliver valid data on an existing product.

What matters in your business is people

Whether it’s a new project or an existing one – your business depends on its users

Projects that benefited from our user research expertise

Why user research?


Give them what they need

We know how to ask the right questions 

We will help you define your target audience, find a way to reach them, and learn what they need or expect. Don’t spend your money on a product that solves non-existing problems. Let us craft the solution tailored to your users. Our favourite question at the beginning is “why” so we can develop a strong “how” afterwards.


Know more

The most dangerous part of creating a product is not knowing what you don’t know 

Make it our job to find out all the data you need to create a product that matters. Be aware of your users and how they interact with products, know the business and competition context.


Become data-driven

Don’t let your business be driven by suspicions 

Monitor your users smartly. React to changes, test more efficiently, watch trends. Good research will step up your game, make you more aware of the product context and all details you might have omitted. Collect meaningful data and interpret it the right way. Then, turn them into even better products.

Additional benefits

Ethical and useful products

Create products users need and want by solving real, research proven problems.

Better start

Stop guessing what is wrong with your current solution. Let us put all your cards on the table.

No more intuition

We are here to deliver fair and substantial research in order to justify the recommended solutions.

No blindspots

Good research makes you aware of everything you need to know.

Knock out

User research allows us to spot and knock-out any under-performing ideas before they taint the good ones.


Determine what should be addressed as a priority and what can wait, based on what functionality and content is most important to your users.

Customer’s review

A consistently reliable partner, iteo is a strong company which delivers skilful products. We haven’t experienced a single problem from their side with the timeline or scope.
iteo team demonstrated a lot of care to make sure things were done right. They seemed to have a vester interest in making this product great, even though they don’thave any equity in the company.
iteo offered creativity and strong project management. They delivered each phase of the project on time and within budget.
I’m glad I have a partner in iteo that is able to complete the project seamlessly from concept, through development, to product launch.

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