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Launching new digital projects is a top priority for many companies today. Digital innovation becomes a must to reinvent core business models and expand digital revenue streams. However, most corporate digital projects fail to achieve even a fraction of their potential.

Successful product

Our combined strategy, design and innovation expertise at it’s best

We are committed to support you on every step of your digital product life cycle. Our Product Leadership stands up for your core processes and business functions all the way. 

We start from setting the product vision and strategy, serving as an internal customer expert for engineering and development teams, to managing all of the cross-functional work required to deliver a Complete Product Experience. 

Focus on your goals


Accelerating marketing & sales


Innovating & delivering groundbreaking features


Reinventing end-to-end customer journey


Digitalizing core operations


Creating new channels to the market


Reducing operation cost and time


Increasing employees engagement


Building a better customer experience


Extending brand online

Clients who benefited from our product leadership

Product leadership

At glance

Product Leadership service combines both a comprehensive business goal roadmap with agile delivery function, so you move from one stage to the next assured that you’re on track to achieve an impressive ROI.

We bring design thinking and an entrepreneurial mindset to your efforts, supported by Agile Teams, deep digital expertise, practical business, operational planning, a commitment to progressing rapidly from vision to prototype, MVP, and product-market fit to fully scaled solution, continuously testing and learning along the way.

Our approach

Our approach combines seamless integration across varied disciplines

We focus on your business goals, users needs, test-and-learn methodologies that enable us to get the right product to market fast, and a close working relationship with your teams, delivering necessary skills and exceptional results. 

Product leadership service can overcome 3 most common digital project pitfalls: business objectives not being met, costs exceeding the budget, or not launching at all. Our approach gives you confidence of an effective collaboration and bringing a product to market.

Difference that matters

  • Creating a repository of needs based on Personas and Stakeholders

  • Defining and maintaining a list of business features

  • Creating a backlog with Themes, Epics and User Stories with clear description and Acceptance criteria

  • Supporting Business priorities with the Product priorities and defining the Product Roadmap

  • Ensuring all requirements are clear and approved for the work to be performed


How we work



We set your product vision and strategy, defining the release process and identifying the cross-functional activities necessary to bring it to market. By prioritizing the product backlog and creating user stories, we support the development teams and serve as an internal customer expert, answering questions and clarifying requirements. We constantly oversee the project and ensure that deadlines are met, coordinating complex workflow across many teams and dependencies.



We create the product roadmap to capture the strategic plans and timeline for what the team will deliver. We’re responsible for collecting ideas, prioritizing them, and adding them to the roadmap, so that it shows upcoming work related to each cross-functional release and a timeline for completing all the tasks.



We have a deep knowledge of the product, the market, and customers, being responsible for both strategic and tactical activities and able to easily context-switch between an internal and external focus. We gather requirements and document detailed user stories, taking a more technical approach to internal needs. In an agile environment, we’re responsible for participating in daily scrum meetings and managing sprints. We have extensive experience in helping our teammates stay on schedule and meet deadlines, knowing how to estimate the time it will take to complete a project and identify potential problems related to scope or limited resources. 



We lead a cross-functional product team, working closely with our teammates in engineering, marketing, sales, UX, and support. We’re ready to define detailed requirements and make sure the technical infrastructure can support the future of the product. We communicate the vision and plan to executives and others (including customers and partners) who are invested in the product’s success.



Product Leadership guarantees a greater chance for project’s success, delivering better results in an optimal way. Thanks to the high business and technical competences of the project leader, one point of responsibility for all cross-functional stages of the project, cooperation between qualified teams of consultants, designers and engineers who constitute 1 team managed by 1 person, we can be ambassadors of the client’s project making it solid and spot-on.

Product leadership benefits

More certainty, less risk

Exceed and achieve required indicators incorporating a substantial risk mitigation.

Digital ecosystem of skills

A mix of business, design and engineering capabilities to accelerate your progress.

An integrated experience

Seamless connection across disciplines and deeply embedded in the strategic process.

Business goals-centred focus

Strategic stakeholders and end-users at the heart of everything we create

A highly iterative approach

Applying a test-and-learn approach to ensure we get the right product to market faster.

Capabilities to deliver and scale

We work closely with your teams and adapt accordingly to projects requirements.


A consistently reliable partner, iteo is a strong company which delivers skilful products. We haven’t experienced a single problem from their side with the timeline or scope.
I’m glad I have a partner in iteo that is able to complete the project seamlessly from concept, through development, to product launch.
We have selected iteo mostly because they are really good with native apps development and UX. iteo’s team structure encourages collaboration and fast problem-solving.
iteo offered creativity and strong project management. They delivered each phase of the project on time and within budget.
iteo team demonstrated a lot of care to make sure things were done right. They seemed to have a vester interest in making this product great, even though they don’thave any equity in the company.

Our customer’s outcomes

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