Mobile Backend Engineering

Your mobile app live and integrated

We build custom backend solutions that will match
your business needs, now and then.
If you want your digital product to be successful, it needs to live and integrate seamlessly
with your existing infrastructure. We design, develop and deploy fine APIs ensuring
that the process is tightly integrated with mobile development lifecycle.

We build backend solutions from scratch with high performance optimising our APIs for the same business use cases that drive front-end product requirements. Our solutions are reliable and used to running all the time. We build systems integrated with various custom legacy solutions as well as industry-leading platforms.

The software scales horizontally, allowing our solutions to meet the needs of massively-growing user bases, thanks to well developed cloud infrastructure. We follow the best practices and up-to-date industry trends to meet our customer needs. We ensure the safety of the data storage, network communications, and deployment strategy.

Our mobile backend engineering includes:

  • Mobile sales enablement: e-commerce solutions, integration with electronic payment systems
  • Web services for corporate applications: integration of mobile apps with ERP, CRM, BI solutions and others
  • Social networks integrations, i.e Facebook, Google+, Twitter and more
  • Admin tool allowing digital content management in the mobile application, mobile users management, tracking user's behaviour, video streaming and more

We have experience and capabilities to deliver API and backends in the most popular industry standards, languages and frameworks. We build applications that access data center infrastructure in a secure and manageable way. Useful products that seamlessly integrate with existing infrastructure, securely access corporate data and interact with other IT systems.

Our technology stack for APIs and mobile backends include:

  • Core Technology Expertise: Java, .NET, Python/Django, Ruby/ROR
  • Protocols Proficiency: REST
  • Database Experience: Oracle Database, Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL, MongoDB, PostgreSQL, RethinkDB

Thanks to more than 5 years of expertise in mobile backend engineering, Iteo team has an in-depth understanding of how a web back-end solution should be designed and built to ensure the great user experience and rich functionality for mobile app. We make sure that every API and backend we create is scalable, user friendly in terms of UX and performance and secured, taking the heavy lifting of application computing to the backend and leaving end users with an evergreen and lightweight mobile client.

Iteo ensures all sensitive data across your distributed corporate system or consumer app that ingests content from multiple sources is kept secure from unauthorised manipulation. Thanks to user authentication with access tokens and encrypted data transfer used in every project we develop, security compliance is achieved on device, application and data levels.


We offer full-cycle development in fully transparent process for your optimum results. Jump in on every step of the way or start just with an idea.




We deliver higher-quality software in less time. We build epic products in iterative and data driven way accordingly to Agile methodology.