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iOS is second of the most popular mobile operating systems in the world, but it’s users are the biggest spenders when it comes to paid applications and in-app purchases. iPhones and iPads are extremely well-designed offering great performance, advanced tools, and amazing integration between particular pieces of hardware. What’s more, Apple fans usually have more than one product from this brand. And that’s a potential.

Robust applications for Apple mobile devices

We create native iOS apps and cross-platform products

They may be available on Android and Windows platforms, too. They will allow you to conquer the market of Apple-made devices and have your app installed on millions of phones and tablets.

Projects developed with iOS

What we offer


Great looks

We use the most advanced tools and follow all of technological novelties provided by Apple
We regularly organize internal training to keep up with the newest solutions, regarding both software versions as well as design and architecture patterns. That’s how we make sure that a project isn’t obsolete on the day of release. Thanks to using the newest technologies a product is easier to maintain and update. We’re not afraid of novelties either. We’ll gladly implement AI technologies, bots, or other forms of automation.


Scalability and efficiency

Today we are building an MVP for a startup, but tomorrow there might be thousands of customers using the app 

Having this in mind, we create our software in a way that will allow us to scale it up. Hosting applications in the cloud makes it even easier to achieve.


Smartwatch apps

We specialize in crafting bespoke applications tailored for the unique capabilities and constraints of smartwatches

We focus on delivering apps that are functional, exceptionally user-friendly, intuitive, and blend sleek design with efficient performance, maximizing the limited screen space while offering seamless interactivity and connectivity with smartphones. Our approach involves a deep understanding of the smartwatch platform, be it Apple WatchOS or Android Wear OS, and leveraging their distinctive features, from health and fitness tracking to notifications and voice commands.

Additional benefits


Your app will work seamlessly and smoothly thanks to optimized performance.

Award winning iOS design

UX and UI created in iteo is appreciated both by users and product design authorities worldwide.

Security & stability

We meet the highest enterprise standards when it comes to personal data, payments, and more.

Marketing & Monetisation

Engage and onboard users to monetise your mobile products with in-app ads and payments.


Our software products can be expanded or modified as business grows or market requirements change.

Flexible team

We can adjust the iOS team to your current needs, vertically and horizontally, if you need an API or Android app.


We always use the most reccommended modern tools following hi-tech trends and taking care of your product’s quality. Choosing the most appreciated partners allows us to make your application both up-to-date and efficient, providing your audience with the best possible results.

Our work is supported by:

  • Swift Swift
  • ObjC ObjC
  • Apple Apple

Is native a good way to go?

The internet is full of outdated information and misconceptions. Native apps are usually  glorified and favored, but are they really better in all aspects and situations?

Native apps are what most people associate  with the word “application”. They are created  exactly for a specific operating system and can  only be downloaded and installed on devices  for which they were designed. Depending on  the operating system for which they are  addressed, they are created with the use of the  Swift or Objective-C programming languages ​ (for iOS) and Kotlin or Java (for Android). Their very specific feature is that it is impossible to run Android apps on an Apple product and vice versa. Google and Apple are competing companies that don’t make it easy for us.

But what are the actual perks of going native?

  • Native apps usually have the best UX because they are loved by users (so much that some of them loudly manifest their loyalty to their favorite operating system).

  • They have the fastest and most reliable access to a wide range of functionalities of mobile devices, such as GPS, camera, gyroscope or microphone.

How can you use your app to earn?

Monetization of a mobile application is the process of generating revenue related to a given  app which can financially support its development. 

However, before you think about acquiring users, select a monetization model that will affect  your further strategy. You can choose from options that can be freely combined, depending  on the characteristics of the industry and the target audience of the application. When  deciding on a specific solution, consider the user journey and the impact that monetization  activities will have on it. After all, you don’t want to frustrate your audience and thus  negatively affect the brand’s reputation. While figuring out the best monetization strategy  for your app can be a bit more complicated than you might think, it is also a key step  on the road to profitability. 

Customer’s review

iteo team was very engaged and dedicated to helping us meet our goals. Even when working on strict timelines, they always delivered without sacrificing the quality of the deliverables.

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