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These days people are leaving homes without their keys and wallets, but not without smartphones. Company’s presence in that channel is a must. We create mobile applications as core business or as extensions to existing business. Our applications are used to book hotels, order cosmetics, pay bills, or manage parcels. We offer services dedicated for enterprises and startups.

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IOS Development
We create award winning native iOS applications. Expect seamless UX experience, curated design, and high quality software.
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Android Development
Our Android applications are used by millions of users worldwide. We offer advanced Android solutions for big target groups.
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Cross-Platform Development
A cross-platform solution for building reliable software products faster, cheaper and easier. Perfect for MVPs and POCs.
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You may get lost in the labyrinth of today’s mobile app development technologies. We are here to match a specific framework and the most suitable processes with the requirements of your business. Using adequate technologies lets us deliver a solution - Android, iOS, or hybrid - translated into the best results and adjusted to your budget.


Mobile applications can comprise an undeniable opportunity for most companies that want to support their marketing and adapt to their users’ needs. Let us know about your specific requirements, business goals, and expectations - we will do the best we can to help you evolve.

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mobile development
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What we can offer as a mobile development company?

From our mobile development company you can expect:

1. Extensive expertise in mobile development
2. Only in house, dedicated mobile team.
3. Possibility to scale our team vertically and horizontally according to your needs.
4. Proven record of case studies and success stories from customers (our apps were No. 1 in Google Play and App Store in US, Poland and India).
5. Ability to work in complex and fast-changing environment.


Mobile development
team members

1. Project Manager - responsible for the organization of the process and flawless communication between the client and developers.

2. Software Architect - makes high-end software design decisions, communicates with a business owner and software development team.


3. UX Designer - someone who creates positive user experiences, so every person that uses the product can do it seamlessly, without obstacles or hard processes to learn.

4. Product Designer - building user interfaces that connect people with software is what they do. Everything has to be functional and put in context.


5. Mobile Developers - building custom mobile applications for Google’s Android and Apple’s iOS using Swift, Kotlin and Flutter technology.

6. API & Backend Developers - databases and other internal processes depend upon them. They make the internal part of each product.

7. Quality Assurance Specialist - establishes testing procedures, writes testing scenarios, performs manual and automatic tests.

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  • IOS
  • Android
  • Flutter
  • IOS

    We create award winning native iOS applications. Expect seamless UX experience, curated design and high quality software

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  • Android

    Android applications created in Iteo are used by millions of users worldwide. We offer advanced android solutions for big target groups

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  • Flutter

    A cross-platform solution for building reliable software products faster and cheaper. Perfect for MVPs and POCs

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  • InPost

    We haven't experienced a single problem from their side with the timeline or scope. Their quick reaction time has been a critical strength we've highly valued

    Rafał Brzoska
    Rafał Brzoska InPost - CEO & Founder
  • Multisport

    Iteo team demonstrated high competence, a wide range of technical knowledge, great work organization and flexibility in adapting to our requirements.

    Justyna Sznajder
    Justyna Sznajder Multisport - Product Owner
  • Wage

    Working with their team has been a great experience, and it’s what made the app work.

    Marcin Zgola
    Marcin Zgola Wage - CEO & Founder

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