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Kotlin - a native programming

language for Android

You probably know that Android is one of the leading operating systems in the world. We know that, too. That’s why we pay significant attention to create functional and stunning Android applications using the most recommended technologies. Kotlin is one of them. We use it for highest standard and amazing performance native solutions knowing that such an investment is definitely worth a while.

why kotlin


Kotlin development

Developing Android mobile applications with native solutions can take a little bit more time but the results are spectacular. Android devices are highly popular around the world - which gives every business owner a chance to find many potential customers. At iteo, we always pay attention to the details of our code so it is clean and readable.


Kotlin team

Our team consists of experienced specialists with wide portfolios of international clients. They are open-minded and creative - always looking for the best solutions for clients’ problems. With teammates like this we are sure we can achieve anything when it comes to software development. Our Kotlin programmers create functional Android apps every day.


Quality assurance

Testing Android products is particularly challenging because there are so many devices with different versions and modification of this operating system. Our QA experts prepare manual testing cases and automated tests to be sure everything works as it is supposed to. Detecting most of the bugs and issues before release is crucial to create an app that will be an instant success.

Android mobile application is your

dream? We can make it come true!

With Kotlin, Android apps look great and work even better. We use this technology, because it’s the industry leader with community support and regular updates. It is essential to always use frameworks and languages that are relevant - it guarantees that the application will meet the demands of modern customers.

6 advantages of using
Kotlin in Android

  1. Concise code

    We can achieve great results without writing so much code - less time required for a project.
  2. Safety

    Kotlin is well-known for code that is not so prone to bugs, errors and failures.
  3. Productivity

    Principles used in Kotlin allow developers to work smarter and quicker when coding.
  4. Easy maintenance

    There is no requirement of complicated development tools to use Kotlin for Android apps.
  5. Compatibility

    Kotlin can be coordinated with Java code and older versions can still work with newer ones.
  6. Support

    Languages supported by creators and community offer better solutions and constant updates.

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