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There are many cross-platform technologies out there and React Native is one of the most prominent and popular ones. That’s because it was a pioneer in this category of software development. Created by Facebook, it powers many applications for Android and iOS that share one codebase. Its UI components are responsible for beautiful aesthetics and native-like feeling when using an app.

why react native


React Native development

One of the biggest benefits of cross-platform development is that you need only one team of programmers to create two versions of your product. That saves time and resources allowing us to introduce changes more effectively. With React Native, we can connect similar UI elements for Android and iOS but also take advantage of individual, platform-specific features.


React Native team

A diverse team that develops cross-platform apps using it's competences and skills is a treasure. Many programmers change their specialization from one language to cross-platform so they can build even more software products and grow their expertise. At iteo, we hire only the best specialists in React Native development to deliver high-quality iOS and Android apps.


Testing is crucial in cross-platform development because even though we have one code, we need to think about two operating systems and dozens of devices. The app has to work perfectly on all of them so the main goal is to check how it operates on as many pieces of hardware as possible. We perform quality assurance procedures throughout the whole production process.

React Native is a cross-platform

veteran with great UI

As a cross-platform technology, React Native has a supportive community of developers that always help each other and discuss the best solutions for their work. UI components offer an excellent visual experience to every user that will come in contact with your app. If you have a tight budget and not as much time as you would like to - cross-platform development is something for you.

6 advantages of using
React Native

  1. One codebase

    Build mobile applications fast with reusable code for multiple platforms - like Android and iOS.
  2. UI components

    Creating robust user interfaces is easy and brings spectacular results with components.
  3. Efficiency

    Cross-platform development allows you to save money and time on an app project.
  4. Live reloads

    Changes introduced in the product appear within seconds so you can check how they work.
  5. Native-like

    Technologies like React Native take what’s best in native languages and apply them to their code.
  6. Support

    A big community of developers means every problem can be fixed with a recommended solution.

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