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Objective-C - the iOS

development forerunner

Right now, most mobile development projects for Apple devices are done in Swift. But before it was created, there was another technology suitable for iOS applications - and that’s Objective-C. We still use it to develop many products for our clients because it’s a reliable technology with traditions. It’s origins date back to the 1980s!

why Objective-C


Objective-C development

As a general-purpose language, Objective-C allows the developers to build a variety of applications for Apple operating systems - iOS and macOS. So it can be used for both desktop and mobile apps. This hardware operates similarly for years, offering customers a well-known user experience. Technological trends and more capabilities change, but the core stays almost the same.


Objective-C team

Seasoned developers that spent years coding apps for Apple’s operating systems know what they are doing. In this industry experience is crucial - you can learn new, trendy technologies but you must have a solid background to deliver high-quality products. At iteo we invest in our employees so they can constantly grow their skills.


Quality assurance

No matter what technology you use, no matter which system you are developing for - quality assurance is the key to deliver excellent applications. We provide manual testers and create automated tests to make sure your product is checked inside and out. And we do that many times during every development stage to eliminate bugs as soon as possible.

Objective-C is a long-existing

recommended technology for
Apple devices

Without diversity in the world of software development we wouldn’t be able to provide various features, looks and experiences. Objective-C might be less popular right now, but it’s still a great tool that offers a lot of possibilities. As a digital agency, we are open to every solution and we take the best out of them all.

6 advantages of using

  1. Recommended by Apple

    Objective-C was a leading Apple devices technology for years and it is still in use.
  2. Stability

    As a proved and tested language, it provides better stability than a new, trendy one.
  3. Compatibility

    Objective-C is compatible with C and C++ programming languages.
  4. Custom functionalities

    Binary Frameworks, method swizzling and other features that can’t be found anywhere else.
  5. Universal

    With one language we can code all types of native applications for Apple devices.
  6. Seasoned technology

    There’s a lot of resources to learn more about Objective-C because it’s relevant for years.

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