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Swift - a native programming

language for iOS

Apple devices share the same characteristics - robust performance, seamless synchronization and eye-catching design. Swift is the main language used for native mobile app development. It is appreciated by developers for its speed, clean and safe code, as well as support from the iOS creators. If you want to build an amazing product for iPhones and iPads - Swift is what we recommend.

why swift


Swift development

Whether you are looking for a single native solution for iOS only or you want to develop apps for more platforms - Swift is a way to go for your Apple-based software. It’s short, simple code is readable for devs that specialize in other languages which makes collaboration more efficient and also promotes productivity. Native Swift programming is a truly positive experience.


Swift team

Our team consists of experts in native mobile app development for Apple devices. They always deliver the best results and can definitely propose solutions that are going to be beneficial for the client. Our international clients appreciate cooperation with iteo’s iOS developers because they are creative, professional and have excellent technical knowledge.


Quality assurance

Every software product requires thorough testing that helps with detecting and preventing errors. We offer quality assurance as a part of our service because we believe that it is crucial to achieving success without any obstacles. Our testers will perform manual tests and program automated tools to make sure everything works as it is supposed to.

iOS mobile application is your

dream? We can make it come true!

With Swift, iOS apps offer robust performance and amazing design. Native solutions really have it all - investing in them is always worth it. Apple devices are extremely popular in many countries around the world - reach out to them with your products and services that can be accessed with just one click.

6 advantages of using
Swift in iOS

  1. Less code

    Swift is well known for being compatible and requiring fewer lines of code for the same results
  2. Preventing errors

    Some bugs are impossible to happen when coding with Swift for native iOS apps.
  3. Constant improvements

    Apple is focusing on growing and updating Swift so it always works extremely well.
  4. Speed

    Swift - as the name suggests - offers exquisite coding speed for shorter time-to-market.
  5. Maintenance

    All the programming processes are simplified and intuitive. Developers can maintain code easily.
  6. Big audience

    A big group of potential customers that use multiple synchronizing Apple devices.

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