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If you need your design to be functional, user-friendly and fun, we are here to make use of our knowledge, expertise, and experience and make it happen. Animations, illustration, branding, amazing effects, or plain minimalism? We can do it all, allowing your product to stand out and entice.

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User Experience
UX can be one of the essential factors that influences your customers’ feelings towards your web or mobile app. We design every user path to serve real users’ purposes. This way we can offer seamless product experience which is crucial to create an app downloaded by millions.
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User Interface
Using an app shouldn’t be arduous and full of obstacles. That's the part when UI takes the lead. We create interfaces that support a simple usage of features offered by an app. Applying animations and microinteractions, we can help users understand the product in a very short time. Everything has to be highly functional and pixel-perfect at the same time.
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Up-to-date design trends

When designing our products, we always think about the latest principles that run the digital world.

Accessibility, gestures, original and bold illustrations, but first and foremost - an individual approach to every project. Learning an app’s navigation shouldn’t take ages - it must be simple, transparent, and clean. Additional trick is to make the users gasp over beautiful visuals and amazing animations. That’s what’ll make them stay, too.

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What can we offer?

Things you can expect from our multidisciplinary design team:

1. High understanding of your business needs and help in defining goals or creating product strategy.
2. Tailored design process focused on delivering scalable and viable product.
3. Tech supported team of design experts.
4. Designers with experience matched with your requirements and business branch.
5. Professionally facilitated workshops to get your business moving at any stage.


6. Analysis of your biggest competitors on the market.
7. Design system build from scratch to create new visual assets with a minute.
8. Creating a fresh and consistent feeling of your brand.
9. The JSON-based animation file format that enables designers to ship animations on any platform as easily as shipping static assets.
10. Eye catchning hand-drawn illustrations with attention to details help you bring your brand on next level.


Product design team members

1. Workshop facilitator
A perfectly organized, reliable person who watches over workshops taking care of their best results and making sure they end with mutual satisfaction.
2. UX Designer
The one who can get into your customers’ minds and design an enchanting product fitted neatly to their needs and expectations.


If there’s any kind of design investigation to be done, that’s the person to go to. Thanks to the researcher’s incisive mind anything is possible. 4. Product Designer
Your product needs a firm hand to build a bold, clocklike, droolworthy design and make it smartly minimalistic yet stunning.
5. Branding Designer
There’s no one that gets branding intricacies better than a branding designer. Enrapturing logo and corporate identity with unflinching coherence is our thing.


6. Illustrator
Steady line, pitch-perfect, out of the box ideas, spot-on realization - that’s what you’ll get engaging our gifted illustrator in your project.
If it moves, it grooves. And our animator knows a thing or two about how to make your product waggle about and focus users’ attention.

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  • UI Design
  • UX Design
  • UI Design

    Let us match your product exactly to your needs and we’ll help you stand out.

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  • UX Design

    Custom-made corporate design, illustrations, animations - we can do them all.

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  • InPost

    We haven't experienced a single problem from their side with the timeline or scope. Their quick reaction time has been a critical strength we've highly valued

    Rafał Brzoska
    Rafał Brzoska InPost - CEO & Founder
  • Shell

    We value their willingness to face challenges. They are smart people who are willing to help their clients.

    Mateusz Juraszek
    Mateusz Juraszek Shell - Head of Software
  • Fit@Home

    A huge plus for product workshops, which allowed us to define the scope of the project and change features I wanted to ones I and my customers really need.

    Andrzej Hołub
    Andrzej Hołub Fit@Home - CEO & Owner

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