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What makes the difference in quality of a delivered project is the engagement of the whole team. We are not only working for you - we want to work with you on your idea. That is why we want to start with cooperative design workshops.

why product workshop


Not just a kickoff meeting

We want to spend time with you and your knowledge in the most effective manner. We want you to feel the ownership of your product and become fully aware of the whole process that is about to happen. Cooperative work on selected methods will allow us to better understand your business and vision.


All needed experts

Mutual exchange of knowledge is the key. Our worshop is attended by all of the indispensible professionals - business analysts, designers and developers - and we expect the same from our clients. Only by taking under consideration every team member's insights we can create valuable and feasible solutions.


Faster results

Our workshop process is not just a part of our development but also a process on its own. During a relatively short amount of time you get to know the team, receive functional documentation, first prototype of your product and custom made roadplan for our further cooperation. Give it a try!

What will you get if you hired

us to do the job?

Each product workshop is crafted specifically for each client's needs. After this stage, what you get is an overall yet detailed concept of your product, enhancing its values, exceptional understanding with our design and development team, first prototype, estimation and customized offer for next steps of product delivery.

6 benefits of
product workshops

  1. Better product concepts

    Collate your vision with the rest of your team and our design, business analysis and development experts during one, well thought-out and directed workshop meeting.
  2. Full engagement

    Every idea counts as well as every detail does. Our task is to challenge your vision and collectively turn it into an exceptional product.
  3. Efficient communication

    Skip endless kickoffs and “just-one-more-question” calls. Get our team fully onboard at once.
  4. Real results

    After just a few days you'll get the first MVP prototype and well described product functionalities - everything you need to develop!
  5. Clarity

    Thanks to Product Workshops we clarify the vision of your product, and we make sure that everything is on point.
  6. No surprises

    We make sure, that all of your requirements and needs are predicted and they are in the scope.

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We create custom software solutions fitted exactly to your needs. Let us support your business in implementing any idea you might have. We have a common goal - creating something remarkable for your benefit.

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