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Prototyping is an inseparable part of our product development process. We want to make sure that everything is well thought through and works as it should. Prototypes are also a perfect base for further UI and development works.

why prototyping


Clear vision

Do not explain it - draw it. It is much more effective for the whole team to see real things rather than base on each person's imagination. Prototyping gives us the possibility to check if we are at the same page with our client. Every discussion is based on prototyped materials and everyone knows exactly what to do next.


How things work

Few main screens of your application is not enough. There are dozens of cases, views and errors around. Prototyping makes sure that we do not omit any possible case, and let us design user's journeys for every eventuality. Those also allow us to pre-check customer experience before it hits development.


No preferences

Sometimes it is easy to be caught up in personal preferences, especially when it comes to something we use. Prototyping takes all subjective and visual matters away. We present you the structure and behaviour, so you can focus on what really matters.

What will you get if you hired

us to do the job?

Clickable prototype based on high fidelity wireframes, allowing you to see how the product will behave if the user acts on it. Excellent start point for user testing, solving development issues, product optimization, staging process, and all design works.

6 benefits of prototyping

  1. Form follows function

    Basing on documentation, the best way to prove everything that was already envisioned is to prototype. That allows us to see if the product is as good as described and we are on the right track from the beginning.
  2. Objective judgement

    Super simple forms let us communicate what is really important - structure, navigation, information hierarchy, behaviour, and flows. That allows us to make objective and better informed decisions.
  3. Testing possibilities

    First tests “if it catches” can be conducted on a prototype. If you are not into user testing (although - you really should) - prototyping is perfect for just talking things through with yours and our teams.
  4. Costless changes

    Introducing changes to prototype are a small percentage of what you would spend on doing so on a real, already developed product. Preparing a perfect prototype for further work saves money on manwork and communication.
  5. Better clarity

    Clearly envision what your app will look and feel like.
  6. Predictability

    Development becomes much more predictable, and estimates become more accurate.

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  • Figma

  • Invision

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