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Heuristic evaluation of your

product and its value.

Building amazing user flows is not an easy task. It may seem like your product does not miss a thing but conversion stated otherwise. Let us evaluate your product and point out where the vision went wrong. We are providing insights and recommendations for improvement.

why UX audit


Pair of new lenses

We believe you already put your heart in your product. Unluckily, your perspective may not allow you to see little issues that define its users' experiences. Our job here is to review how your product, as it is, meets your business needs, how people interact with it, and how they feel about it. What issues can be critical and which require just little improvements.


Basis for change

The basic audit we deliver comes with pain points ranked from most to least gross. We explain what needs enhancement and why. Based on that you can make a fully informed decision about next steps we with your product. You can introduce changes one by one or, depending on scale, tunt the whole product back to the track. All based on one document.


New ideas coming your way

If you already feel in your bones that something does not click in your product, we can offer you a more complex approach. Besides marking pain points of your product we can deliver sample ideas, benchmarks or at least some good patterns examples so you can easily envision how proposed improvements will work for your project.

What will you get if you hired

us to do the job?

Reliable and substantial audit file consisting of everything we found during general walk through, heuristic evaluation, and user journey analysis. Pain points marked and ranked depending on your business needs. Set of recommendations for basic improvements, quick fixes or elaborated solutions.

6 benefits of UX audit

  1. User journey evaluation

    Focusing on real cases, targeted users and your business needs.
  2. Pain points ranked

    Marking the issues from most to least significant ready for putting into your to-do list.
  3. Fair judgement

    We can adjust the level to your needs, your competition and capabilities.
  4. Changes recommendations

    Description or presentation of quick solutions for better performance.
  5. Gain Perspective

    Fresh look allows to pick up flaws and a UX expert can also point you in the right direction.
  6. Behavior

    Learn how your product fairs when it comes to achieving user goals, errors encountered by users and compliance with business standards.

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