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Microinteractions and animations are the magic things that keep us coming back to the products we love. In iteo, we create them with heart from scratch.

why creating animations


Give your logo
a little bit of movement

Logo is a quintessence of a brand's identity. It reflects a personality of a company or a product and plays a significant role in a branding strategy. A powerful logo can create a connection with the target audience and tell the story of a brand as well.


Bring life to your app

UI animation can be defined as the implementation of motion enhancing the overall presentation and interactivity of a product. It grabs your attention, lets you know about any changes or transformations, and indicates a relationship between two different objects or forms.


Let the explainer do
the talking

Explainer videos take the guesswork out of enlightening the usefulness and basic functions of a product or service. People understand the operations better once they have them thoroughly explained. Such videos help you connect better with your potential customer by elucidating what your business can do for them.

The power of the story

begins here

Every brand and product has its own exceptional story. We perceive the world with narrative, just like your clients. Let them hear what you have to offer.

6 advantages of

  1. Easy viewing

    Short video animations are a great tool for telling stories in a concise yet compelling way
  2. It moves!

    Movement in animations focuses your attention and prevents you from missing the essence of a product
  3. Viral

    When you upload your animation on Youtube, you’re not only boosting your profile - you’re climbing Google rankings, too
  4. Credibility

    An animated video that addresses your customers' most important issues will improve your credibility
  5. Humanization

    Animations humanize products and make them more enjoyable. That's how we attract users’ attention and make them stay a bit longer
  6. Flexibility

    Animations have no limit. The only thing that holds you down is your imagination

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Team matters

The design team is like no other,
meet us and you will look no further ;)

Our high-level expertise based on years of experience is at your service. Together we can achieve best results answering all your goals and needs. Not only do you get best in their field but also fully devoted to a project incomparable to competition. You should know that we are pixel OCD, too :)

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We create custom software solutions fitted exactly to your needs. Let us support your business in implementing any idea you might have. We have a common goal - creating something remarkable for your benefit.

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