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There is no doubt that design is one of the most important parts of product development. The excellent user experience you deliver and the overall visual feeling of the web or mobile app are what make customers love your brand.

why designing web & apps


User-friendly UI

Using an app or navigating the website should be easy to learn and intuitive. We want our users to constantly know where to tap to access their favorite functionalities. We should apply to their instincts and common logic. At the same time, giving the UI a touch of originality will make your target audience remember your brand for a long time. Don’t miss that opportunity. Our design team uses modern tools and methods to achieve the best results.


One of a kind UX

User experience is crucial for every digital product. When designing software, we need to keep in mind who is the main recipient. Then, we create typographies, color palettes and features that appeal to the user. Keeping in mind that every country, every social group and every human being is different. We need to make the web and app design accessible, usable and effective. By doing that, we give you a chance to charm your clients from the first use of your application.


Animations and illustrations

All the elements that complement the web and mobile apps are a unique way to make your brand stand out. We use them according to your business vision and requirements. We can offer you amazing, colorful illustrations or rather simple ones - all based on the vibe you want to create. Animations can support the microinteractions within the app and also make it look even better. Whatever your style is, we will find something that matches your product perfectly.

Team of experts

and creatives

Design requires a particular skillset and our team offers years of experience in their field. We want every product to be equally functional and aesthetic. Tell us what you have in mind - we will give you some inspiration and this way we can create a consistent vision of the web or mobile apps of your dreams.

6 advantages of
web & app design

  1. Brand identification

    Design complements your brand's mission and vision so make them compatible.
  2. Better experience

    A well-prepared app design helps to use the product in the right way with positive results.
  3. Appreciation

    Clients use functional, intuitive apps for years and ditch the ones that are rough to use.
  4. Improved navigation

    UI and UX design are based on established user paths to give them an easy-to-use app.
  5. Original vibe

    Give your mobile app and website an individual touch that will make it unforgettable.
  6. Robust features

    Get all the functionalities you need to work and look exactly like you want them to.

Companies we did

web & app design for

  • inpost inpost
  • split split
  • marketables marketables
  • wage wage
  • netology netology

used software

  • Sketch

  • Zeplin

  • Adobe

  • Adobe

  • Figma

  • InVision

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Design team is like no other,
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Their high-level expertise, based on years of experience, is here for you. Together we can achieve best results that will answer all your goals and needs. Not only do you get best in their filed but also a devotion to a project unparallel to competition. We are pixel OCD too :)

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