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Having an idea is

the first step

During our product development process, we need to establish a lot of guidelines and pinpoints that will elevate the idea to the next level. We can do that by meeting up with the client during conceptual workshops and discussing the whole concept.

why conducting workshops



There is no good collaboration without communication. We need to understand the product, the target audience and the business goal. Our approach is to be in touch with the client and that starts with 2 days of workshops where we analyze the competition, think about visuals and create first mockups, take notes, and challenge the main assumptions. This way we can predict an approximate timeline and have a concrete vision that will meet the requirements and be realistic to develop.


Picking the right team

Without a good team, we can’t finish any project and expect spectacular outcomes. That’s why during workshops we pick professionals from our team to be responsible for every part of the product. Project manager, UX and UI designers, frontend and backend developers that specialize in particular technologies suitable for the type of mobile or web solution we want to achieve. They will cooperate to make the app from scratch and update the client about the results.


Pro experience

The workshops are organized so the client can meet the team and understand the workflow. It’s a crucial part of the collaboration, as it engages every party in the process. We believe that having someone from the client’s side involved is the best way to get unique thoughts and remarks - because they know their target audience and their business goals best. Want to figure out the best solutions together - we will give you our expertise and you can share your insight.

Benefits of workshops

are countless

Basically, by thoroughly discussing the idea at the beginning you avoid additional costs later on. The right strategy is the key to success. We appreciate feedback and brainstorming, as they are the basic method to find the common ground and optimize the development process from the very beginning to even after deployment.

6 advantages of
UI workshops

  1. Accurate estimations

    Preparing everything beforehand helps us establish the timeline and costs better.
  2. Direct participation

    Being a part of the project is beneficial for both a client and the development team.
  3. Idea

    We research, and test your assumptions and edit them according to results so it can be perfect.
  4. Wireframes & mockups

    We will show you the first views and prototypes of your product shortly after the workshop.
  5. Documentation

    Building documentation with guidelines for the project is always a good idea.
  6. Meeting up beforehand

    Mutual understanding can be achieved when meeting face-to-face and finding common goals.

Companies we did

illustration for

  • inpost inpost
  • split split
  • marketables marketables
  • wage wage
  • autoplus autoplus

used software

  • Invision

  • Sketch

  • Zeplin

  • Figma

  • Keynote

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Team matters

Design team is like no other,
meet us and you will look no further ;)

Their high-level expertise, based on years of experience, is here for you. Together we can achieve best results that will answer all your goals and needs. Not only do you get best in their filed but also a devotion to a project unparallel to competition. We are pixel OCD too :)

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