Quality Assurance & Testing

Elevate your customer’s experience

Clear, high quality, easy to maintain and develop code.
That's the outcome of our work!
At Iteo, we make sure that the app we provide is a bug-free, properly functioning
and top-notch quality product for the end user. This can be achieved only by
an effective QA process including version control, bugs and issues tracking,
automated testing, manual testing & continuous integration.

Quality is a priority to us. Iteo engineers with their focus on details, skills and experience, test products closely scrutinizing each and every application to ensure their high performance, functionality and quality. The team is integrated into client 's projects through the whole development process, until the software is validated and tested.

Engineers develop an individual approach towards each project concerning what pieces of QA should be automated vs. what should be manual. The more stable and long-term the project is, the more it makes sense to write automation. We incorporate layers of functional, regression and configuration tests, as well as API and unit tests to deliver top-notch quality applications. Our team of manual testers works hand in hand with dev team equipped with over 40 physical testing devices and being able to simulate any required by customer. We use a curated list of tools and applications specifically focused on improving the quality of your software.

What is also important is the integration of Iteo's QA engineers with business, design and development departments, so that they are up to date with every aspect of the project, starting from the initial planning, through design and development. Thanks to that they seek to understand not only every detail of the project, but also user's environment, and the industry, what guarantees the high quality of the application.

Daily progress in Jira, daily commits, 24/7 access to staging servers, distribution of mobile applications' beta versions, status update calls and demo days allow our customers to track team performance and quality of the process on every step. Also, daily communication with every member within our co-located team is reflected by the efficiency in relying all discrepancies between platforms and design.

Our QA engineers use the best tools leveraging a wide variety of testing approaches and, what is more, they adjust their tools to each and every individual project.


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