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Software testing is a process that verifies and validates a developed product and at the same time collects and provides information about it.


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The tester protects the user/customer from receiving a software that may not work properly and cause material or image damage. That's why software quality control should start on day one of the project in order to ensure high quality, validate meeting deadlines, deliver bug free web or mobile application, and optimise cost of software development.

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Manual Tests
In this type of testing the human tester follows a previously prepared plan with test cases that have to be checked before we can release the product.
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Automated Tests
Test automation begins with building a specific type of software that will test our product. It’s a longer process but gives spectacular effects.
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what we can test

Testing is all about comparing the results with the predicted outcome we wanted to achieve. Depending on selection of manual, automated or a blend of both types of testing, there are:

  1. Functional product features

    Every single action that will be taken by an end user.
  2. Integration between systems/modules

    Making certain that all the technical background and connections work just fine.
  3. Documentation

    First level of verifying a software product - at this stage bugs, lacks and inaccuracies in product requirements are being detected.
  4. Product idea

    Doing research and collecting feedback from potential customers will determine if the idea is viable.
  5. Source code

    If you already have a product, we can check the quality of the code and befittingly improve it.
  6. UI/UX projects

    We can find out if interface elements and the experience provided by the product are intuitive and consistent.
  7. Application performance

    Every single action that will be taken by an end user.
  8. Other non-functional features

    We will test each and every part of the product to be sure it works properly inside and out.

why bother with QA?

The goal is to be 100% sure that all the features work as supposed to and that the risk of errors or mistakes in the product is reduced to an acceptable minimum.

  • Testing saves time and money.
  • A tester is the first user of the software.
  • By means of verification tests we check whether the system meets the criteria defined by the company.
  • Through validation tests we check whether the needs and requirements of future users will be met.
  • Early detection of defects and their elimination in the initial stages of system development is the cheapest.
  • Testing reduces the risk of failures on the part of the user which have a negative impact on brand reception and discourage customers from buying more products.
  • Application testing provides information about the elements of the system that should be given more attention and additional tests that should be conducted.
  • Their execution will help to signal possible delays in the project, and thus save unexpected complications.

Quality assurance services

We offer various quality assurance solutions tailored to specific needs and expectations. It includes manual testing performed according to testing scenarios, graphical user interface testing, API driven testing, and much more.

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Possible test results

Quality assurance at iteo is conducted according to best worldwide practices and within a structured testing process. We determine and adapt the scope of received technical and business documentation to individual customer requirements and goals.

Depending on the stage and status of software development project we deliver:

  • Test report
  • Test plan
  • Test cases
  • User Manual
  • Automatic tests in source code form
  • Report with conclusions and recommendations
  • Error reports
  • Test charters

Test-driven development

TDD is a software development technique where unit tests are being delivered first by software developers. This approach to development and testing is thorough and detailed, to make sure your product received all the attention it required. The result? Excellently working software. In test-driven development, each part of the product creates a test case that is a component of a short cycle of coding and testing.


We improve the process so many times, so it can pass the test without further notes. Then it is ready to be implemented.

Using test-driven development is a part of good software building practices. The process of testing is equally crucial as any other stage of production. That guarantees quality and proper functioning.

our portfolio

  • Deloitte


    Tax application used by major financial institutions in Europe.

  • InPost


    Modern systems delivered for globally-recognized Polish logistics corporation.

  • Itaka


    SeePlaces app, a modern affiliate system and is available in many countries.



    Iteo’s competence and commitment allowed us to create applications of a very high standard.

    Ernest Frankowski
    Ernest Frankowski DELOITTE - Director
  • InPost

    We haven't experienced a single problem from their side with the timeline or scope. Their quick reaction time has been a critical strength we've highly valued

    Rafał Brzoska
    Rafał Brzoska InPost - CEO & Owner
  • Itaka

    Iteo has good quality software development processes in place and what differentiate them from others is good understanding of business needs.

    Arkadiusz Olchawa
    Arkadiusz Olchawa Itaka - CIO

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