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Minimising risk with automated

functional and performance tests

We use dedicated software tools to create automated test scripts that will check a certain functionality or a system as a whole. This process is based on repeatable tasks to prove that the product is bugs free.


Automated tests are an excellent way to collaborate with manual testing - they can dorepetable and difficult test cases that can be tough for manual testers. This way we can, for example, produce thousands of requests to find out if the system is prepared for many users it will have to handle every day. We also avoid making mistakes in test results and save time and money, performing regression tests.

Benefits of automated tests

  • Automated tests are usually quicker which will be appreciated by every company that wants to save time. Their scripts generate test reports with contain information if tested software has bugs or is defects free.
  • They are quite utile when we want to provide and test the scalability of our product. Also, automated tests are the best option when it comes to introducing changes and updates to apps or websites. We can quickly check if the software works properly using automation.

4 Areas of tests automotion

  1. API testing

    to eliminate any errors when it comes to API it is better to write an automated script that will test it correctly
  2. GUI testing

    graphical user interface testing is done to determine if all the requirements from project documentation are met when it comes to UI
  3. Performance testing

    finding out if an app or a website can handle an enormous amount of users by sending many requests at the same time
  4. Continuous testing

    adding testing process on every step of development process to find out if the product meets business requirements

when to apply automated testing

  • When we can afford them - it is a great way to complement manual testing process and getting full QA reports
  • For comprehensive testing - some tests can't be done by people because they need more computing power
  • When time is important - automated tests take less time so they are perfect when we want to quickly update our product

when to apply automated testing

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