We focus on

A skillful team
on demand

It is often the case that you have a great idea, but no team that could actually make it happen. Since 2011, we have been designing and developing custom software for our clients and ourselves.

How it works

At iteo, we employ empathy to understand your needs and pains

We know that sometimes, instead of an entire product team, you might need a skillful team on demand. No matter if you work in Agile, use SCRUM or prefer the Waterfall approach to project management and software development, we are Here to help. that is why we offer our support and experience in regards to team extension within mobile and web design, as well as development and QA testing.

team on demand

  1. Web app design
    & development

  2. Mobile app design
    & development

  3. Quality assurance
    & testing

    • Django

    • Python

    • React

    • .NetCore

    • Java

    • .Net

    • EmberJS

    • NodeJS

    • CasperJS

    • VueJS

    • React Native

    • Swift

    • Java

    • Kotlin

    • Xamarin

    • Cordova

    • Flutter

Your ideas and our experience

We have broad experience in software engineering and can share our competencies with you. Whether you are bootstrapping, looking for team augmentation or need an entire team to build something bold and beautiful, you are in the right place. We can help you with your outsourcing needs.

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