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Backend development is a layer of software responsible for keeping, managing and sharing data. It’s the side of a mobile app or a website that a customer doesn’t see. But it is crucial to have a well-developed backend for more than one reason.

main technologies

A framework created by Microsoft to develop complex software products, services and websites.
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An open-source JavaScript environment for cross-platform development.
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This multi-purpose programming language allows us to create robust products.
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Cloud-computing service which is great for building, testing and deploying applications.
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what we offer



We don’t get left behind! We build our apps using the latest technologies and most advanced tools. We regularly organize internal training to keep up with the newest solutions, both with software versions and design and architecture patterns. Project created by us won’t be obsolete on the release day. Thanks to being built in modern technologies it will be easier to maintain and update. We are also not afraid of novelties. We will gladly implement AI technologies, bots, or other forms of automation.



Today we are building an MVP for a startup, but tomorrow there might be thousands of customers using this application. Having this in mind we build our software in a way that will allow us to scale it up. Hosting applications in the cloud, which is also our preferred way, makes it even easier to achieve.


Secure and efficient

Having many years of experience enables us to build a secure and efficient application. We take what’s best from our client’s idea to liven it up by using tested methods and deliver a project which meets the highest standards. Thanks to applied strategy, we develop a premium quality product that takes less time and is cost-effective at the same time. One of our assets is combining different technologies and adjusting them perfectly to product’s and company’s needs.

6 benefits of well-curated
backend applications

  1. High quality

    As Microsoft Gold Certified Partner we ensure top-notch quality, up-to-date software solutions and highest application security.
  2. Easy to maintain

    We incorporate and deliver best quality assurance practises. Our code is clean, ready for updates and modifications.
  3. Ready for future development

    Thanks to solutions we implement, your product can be expanded or modified as your business grows or market requirements change.
  4. Secure

    We are used to working with online payments, fragile business information and personal data. Our backend products security standards meet the highest requirements.
  5. Stable

    We work with proven and well established backend technologies appropriate for business of any size, from startups to enterprises.
  6. Flexible team

    We can adjust our team of certified backend engineers to your current needs. Also, if there's a need for additional services like frontend development, mobile applications or product design services.

our portfolio

  • Deloitte


    Tax application used by major financial institutions in Europe.

  • InPost


    Modern systems delivered for globally-recognized Polish logistics corporation.

  • Itaka


    SeePlaces app, a modern affiliate system and is available in many countries.

how do we work?

  1. 1
    Verification of business expectations

    Our business analysts start with finding out what customers' goals are and where the product is on its life cycle curve. We gather all the existing product briefs and technical documentation that will allow us to select appropriate technology stack, plan infrastructure, and create UX/UI design.

  2. 2
    Research and analysis

    Before the actual backend development process begins, all gathered requirements are matched with possible solutions most appropriate for the customer's business model. Analysis includes future development scenarios, data migrations, expected security levels, cloud technologies, scalability, and backend application performance.

  3. 3
    Technology recommendation

    Based on all the information collected from step 1 and 2, we recommend the best technology stack for the project. We determine infrastructure integration requirements, verify delivered user experience wireframes and products design.

  4. 4
    Backend team selection

    Our inhouse backend development team consists of certified .NET Core engineers and other backend technologies developers. We have strong expertise in geolocation services, applications security and working in complex enterprise infrastructure.

  5. 5
    Onboarding & backlog

    We list all the tasks needed to be done according to the best agile development practices and create a Jira backlog. At this stage, there are also testing scenarios defined in order to deliver a top-quality level for the backend prototype, which is available for a customer 24/7 testing on a staging server.

  6. 6
    Project architecture setting

    Determining backend structure is crucial for application performance, optimization, integrations, implementing future changes, and maintenance. You can count on consistent and robust backend solutions.

  7. 7
    Backend development with automatic tests

    We follow best development practices while delivering backend services like test-driven development, live weekly product demos, collective code ownership, continuous integration, code reviews, and refactoring. This results in delivering reliable, stable and easy to maintain software products.

  8. 8
    Quality assurance and code review

    Automatic tests, manual testing, and code reviews are performed to ensure your product works according to user stories, looks good on every screen resolution, and brings positive experience to the user.

  9. 9

    We deliver backend solutions following Agile methodologies. We perform recurring (mostly weekly) iterations to make sure everything goes as planned.

  10. 10
    Testing and deployment

    After final testing, it is time for deployment. We offer full support to launch your software product live, including infrastructure and technical support.

  11. 11
    Post deployment and maintenance

    In order to make a digital product ever-green, it requires regular maintenance, library updates, and adjusting to changing market requirements and customer’s needs. We are happy to deliver maintenance and SLA on hours package contract or ad hoc.


  • Deloitte

    Iteo’s competence and commitment allowed us to create application of a very high standard.

    Ernest Frankowski
    Ernest Frankowski Deloitte - Director
  • InPost

    We haven't experienced a single problem from their side with the timeline or scope. Their quick reaction time has been a critical strength we've highly valued

    Rafał Brzoska
    Rafał Brzoska InPost - CEO Owner
  • Itaka

    Iteo has good quality software development processes in place and what differentiate them from others is good understanding of business needs.

    Arkadiusz Olchawa
    Arkadiusz Olchawa Itaka - CIO

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