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Our team can build, deploy, and maintain an application using cloud services provided by Azure to deliver a product that can be trusted. With no need for focusing on infrastructure and networking, we can provide a solution that is easy to scale and resistant to disasters and outages. All of that is affordable thanks to Azure pricing that lets you pay only for consumed resources. Azure has great compatibility with tools we are using which helps developing applications in a faster and more convenient way.

why azure



Azure allows you to run applications unaffectedly and scale from 1 to 100 or more without any additional coding. Azure also allows using storage, which is safe, secure, and efficient, storing lots and lots of data without worrying about any infrastructure.



The Pay-as-you-go model that Microsoft uses allows you to pay only for resources that you have actually used. Thanks to resources being held in the cloud, the costs of the administration can also be reduced.



Microsoft hires the best cybersecurity experts to assure secure network, hardware, and firmware in their service. Azure also allows easy configuration of the network and access to resources.


Azure DevOps

Azure comes with a great management tool that allows you to manage projects, pipelines, and deployment to Azure easily, cutting down the costs of project development and maintenance.

Who might benefit from


Both startups and enterprise customers can benefit from choosing Azure. With the possibilities it gives, a prototype can be quickly deployed without the need of worrying about infrastructure. If it succeeds it can be easily scaled up into the full value product. Bigger projects can rely on the cloud’s security, flexibility, and maturity, which was already trusted by many serious players in the game.

4 advantages for enterprise
companies and startups
to use Azure

  1. Storage Space

    When a company needs a lot of storage space for their files and data but doesn’t want to invest in internal infrastructure
  2. Accessibility

    Easier building, testing and deploying apps that are customized based on the requirements
  3. Scalability

    Allows easy scaling of the application to fulfill actual needs
  4. Analytics

    Built-in analytics to help improve company product and customer experience

FORTUNE 500 companies

and well-established brands use

  • adobe
  • carlsberg
  • microsoft
  • hp
  • aviva
  • bmw
  • cocacola
  • wish
  • fedex

used technologies

  • Virtual Machine

    Virtual Machine

  • Logic App

    Logic App

  • Application Insights

    Application Insights

  • KeyVault


  • B2C


Azure technologies

  • Azure DevOps
  • Azure Functions
  • Azure Container Registry
  • Azure Storage
  • Azure Service Bus
  • Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS)
  • Azure AD

We have used many cloud providers before choosing Azure as our main. From that moment we have successfully employed a variety of components offered by Microsoft. Let’s talk about elements that make us stick to the solution provided by the giant from Redmond. Azure delivers way more than just virtual machines or databases, which are also great and used by us very often.


The serverless approach is getting more and more popular. Deploying an application does not always require setting up a whole machine with all necessary configuration. We can use App Services, Azure Functions or Logic Apps to fulfill client’s needs. Using this approach saves us lots of time and often money by selecting performance and pricing tier according to our needs. Without the necessity of maintaining the physical or even virtual machine, money can be saved, since all the server administration is provided, behind the scenes, by Microsoft. And ever we run out of resources, while our system grows, we can increase them with just a few clicks in the portal.


We all love Artificial Intelligence! Although developing custom solutions requires lots of time and expertise. With Azure, we can use many prepared components that can help us solve our problem in a very short time, even without requiring knowledge of the low-level machine learning! We can implement very rich functionalities like image classification, face recognition, text classification, and many others! Provided solutions are of high quality and performance and can be modified to some extent, to fully meet the needs.


Our software is often built in the CQRS approach ready for implementation of Microservice Architecture. This way allows us to easily scale and load balance applications. Maintaining such an architecture can be tough and deployments can get complicated and time-consuming. With Azure, we can get the advantage of deployment pipelines that once configured do all the job for us, saving lots of time and frustration. Everything can be automated so new changes are automatically deployed leaving us and clients always with the newest version of the software.


Microsoft provides a very powerful tool for project management called Azure DevOps. When working in SCRUM and Agile methodologies, it is crucial to have full control over the backlog and progress of the project. DevOps provides all of that. We can easily manage sprints, track burned time, measure velocity, and control ownership of the tasks. It also allows us to add more features via extensions such as Planning Poker which is used at the beginning of the sprint to help prepare better commitment. All of those in one place, with high possibilities of customization and extension.

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Azure Team at Iteo consists of both experienced specialists and IT passionates as well as younger developers who are starting their journey with the cloud. Thanks to years of experience and many delivered projects, any goal can be achieved!

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