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A free to use framework that is open-source and supports cross-platform development for most popular systems is often picked by programmers and clients alike. Its growth is highly supported by Microsoft which means it gets constant updates and fixes. Maybe that’s why it’s so successful and appreciated.

why .NET



.NET is an established programming tool - it’s stable, reliable, and advanced. An active community of more than 60 000 devs and almost 4 000 companies that support it can’t be wrong. Many popular brands trusted .NET with their IT projects because it simply delivers whatever it’s challenged with. It has been created by one of the biggest IT companies on the market and gets lots of support.



Efficiency levels when using .NET are really impressive. Coding apps for many platforms faster is the ultimate goal of both digital agencies and their clients. With this framework, it can be done without too many obstacles. There are lots of tools, both free and simple, and serious commercial products that can help developing software faster and more pleasant, like automatic test runners, code analyzers, and refactoring tools. Security is another benefit it brings to the table - and we know it’s one of the most essential features every company is looking for.


Microsoft Partnership

We as iteo are recognized by Microsoft as a Gold Certified Partner in Application Development. This confirms our high technical skills and complying with professional standards. By working closely with Microsoft, we can gain lots of benefits, like tools and utilities, but also technical support. By choosing us you choose the highest standards that are set by Microsoft themselves.

Who might benefit from


Most of our enterprise customers and startups looking for founding use .NET technology. It’s because they trust solutions that have been around for some time. They know that it was founded by a seasoned company that can offer experience, knowledge, and value.

4 advantages of using

  1. Reliability

    Building highly reliable, efficient and secure solutions
  2. Community

    Great support by community thanks to the high popularity of the technology
  3. Toolkits

    Lots of available toolkits supporting quicker implementations helping deliver the project faster with fewer errors
  4. Cloud

    Numerous possibilities for integration with Azure Cloud allowing building scalable and highly available applications

FORTUNE 500 companies

based on .NET

  • ups
  • stackoverflow
  • godaddy
  • microsoft
  • bbc
  • tencent
  • siemens
  • carlsberg
  • adobe

used technologies

  • .NET Core

  • .NET Framework


  • MySQL

  • PostgreSQL


  • MongoDB

  • Redis

  • ElasticSearch

  • Hot Chocolate

    Hot Chocolate

  • Docker

  • DevOps


  • Akka.NET


.NET Core and .NET Framework are technologies that we successfully apply to the solutions we build, and of those two technologies, .NET Core is the one that we decided to stick with. It does not bind us to a single operating system; it gives us deployment flexibility, making our systems perfectly suited for Docker containers, the Azure ecosystem, including Azure Container Instances, Service Fabric, App Service, or Kubernetes Service. .NET Core ensures that our systems work uniformly despite infrastructure differences.


We develop software with the so-called Message Driven approach, so we apply CQRS in various combinations. From a basic DI container-based approach, or a popular MediatR library, to a service bus-based approach with MassTransit or Azure Service Bus, complemented with RabbitMQ or Azure as a message broker. Depending on requirements, we use either of these approaches both in microservice architecture and in modular monolith architecture solutions.


Another thing worth mentioning is the Actor Model (Akka.NET). We have working solutions based on it, quite large ones. Separating the read and write logic, and designing the architecture appropriately, proves to be the right way in larger development teams, and makes onboarding new devs easier.


We employ the building blocks of Domain-Driven Design in our solutions, but object-oriented programming and avoiding anemic entities is usually enough. Business logic in domain entities, and validation, are not the complete DDD as such, but we believe that they are a step in the right direction. Still, we do separate contexts both in the microservice and modular monolith approach—context-based microservices usually correspond to Bounded Contexts.


Relational and non-relational databases; application responsiveness leveraged with MongoDB as a fast read model, and Redis or Azure Table Storage. Elasticsearch for solutions that require full-text search or more specific cases like handling millions of geographical locations stored, and accessed in no time thanks to the power of all the “elastic” search and data aggregation features.


GraphQL under the hood of web APIs, with a well-known schema and types. It enables frontend and mobile developers to ask for exactly what they need—nothing more, nothing less. Also, it makes the API maintainable more easily, without the need for versioning, and encourages clean server code.


With Visual Studio, the well-known Integrated Development Environment by Microsoft, software development is smooth and convenient. During all the years it has been developed, Microsoft has taken care to make it a professional tool for everyone, from students to enterprises, with loads of paid and free add-ons available for download. As a Microsoft Gold Partner, we have the convenience of using its most powerful edition. And besides that, what’s really fantastic about the partnership is the fact that all our devs have access to the Azure ecosystem without having to pay for it!

projects done with .NET

  • Itaka


    SeePlaces app, a modern affiliate system and is available in many countries.

  • Deloitte


    Tax application used by major financial institutions in Europe.

  • Marketables


    Marketables is a place full of design assets dedicated to SaaS users.

meet the team


Team matters

The .NET team involves skilled and experienced passionates ready to accept any challenge! While delivering a project, we love working in SCRUM and Agile methodologies. Our inexhaustible energy results in developing cracking, faultless products suited exquisitely to a client’s needs and expectations. We’re always on track with tech novelties and are keen on expanding our knowledge and field of expertise.

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