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Node.JS is an open-source environment for JavaScript with quite intuitive development methodology. It’s main purpose is to build network applications that are scalable and efficient. Used for coding frontend and backend solutions and enhancing both with its capabilities.

why node.js


Huge community

The main type of applications that use Node.js are products working in real-time. They require constant connection to the server of the browser. Live-updating news feeds, chats, but also push notifications can be an excellent example.


Working in real-time

Because it’s a powerful technology with features suitable for modern requirements of users that want to be constantly up to date. Offering them fast-working and solid software should be a of every business and brand. With Node.js it is possible because it has a huge community of supporting developers and provides scalable, well-performing software.


Handle lots of data

Many big brands trust Node.js because their processes require robust solutions that can handle lots of data provided every second. Large applications ordered often by corporations require a tool that will manage all parts without overwhelming the team and the program itself. Node.js offers just that and much more.

Who might benefit from


Node.js is excellent when it comes to building cross-platform apps and complex software. It allows to scale the products easily so every startup owner and growing brand will appreciate it.

4 advantages of using

  1. Time saver

    As a single programming language, using it for frontend and backend saves time and makes the development process simple
  2. Scalable

    Support for microservices which are small parts of a bigger product and simultaneously which is great for scalability
  3. Hi-Tech solution

    Great technology for big corporate projects and enterprise applications
  4. JavaScript friendly

    Works with popular programming language that is JavaScript to achieve best results

FORTUNE 500 companies

based on Node.JS

  • godaddy
  • groupon
  • ibm
  • linkedin
  • micro
  • paypal
  • netflix
  • walmart
  • uber
  • yahoo

used technologies

  • TypeScript

  • Nest.JS

  • GraphQL

  • Relational and NoSQL databases

  • Docker

  • PM2


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