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Another appreciated programming language that has been around since 1990. That doesn’t mean it’s not suitable for modern projects. Quite the contrary - an established technology is often the best choice because it offers better performance and lots of features introduced during its period of growth.

why python


Perfect for advanced website

Custom software development with Python technology is easy, fast and universal. It cooperates smoothly with other IT products without losing speed and power. Main tool used with Python is the Django framework which is perfect for advanced website development. This duo will be great if your software needs to process lots of data.


Logical and clean code

Python is considered developer-friendly, it is easy to learn and use. This accomplished programming language can offer something for both small and large projects. Logical and clean code that can be produced with it gives an opportunity to scale the product in the future.


Doesn’t require a big team

Simplicity and explicit approach to coding is what distinguishes Python from other languages. Integrating systems with it is not a problem at all. It doesn’t require a big team of specialists to develop software quickly and with spectacular results.

Who might benefit from


Most of ours enterprise customers and startups looking for founding use Python technology. Together with the Django framework, it creates an environment for developing software with significant capabilities.

4 advantages of using

  1. Rich functionality

    Building video games thanks to complex functionalities of the framework that help to quickly bind multiple elements together
  2. Speed of light

    Speed of development is visibly increased without losing quality
  3. Advanced performance

    Processing actions done by thousands of users at the same time is not a problem because of the offered performance improvements
  4. Productivity

    Changing the product or growing it according to a clean code base is productive and always successful

FORTUNE 500 companies

based on Python

  • youtube
  • google
  • reddit
  • disney
  • spotify
  • dropbox
  • netflix
  • facebook
  • instagram
  • quora

used technologies

  • Django & Django Rest Framework

  • Celery


  • PostgreSQL


  • OpenCV


  • drf-yasg

projects done with python

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