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A simple and customizable

React framework

If you need a single-page app based on server side rendering and look for a universal, advanced tool - we propose Next.JS. It's easy to employ but the results are stunning. It uses JavaScript and React to combine the best functionalities and capabilities of the two. With this framework you don’t have to compromise - it offers great SEO standards compatibility and high performance rates.

why next.js


Really valuable

With built-in support for CSS, automatic code splitting for faster loading and building serverless APIs, this framework is really valuable. Big community that loves open-source solutions shares tons of plugins to simplify coding even more.


Many functionalities

Because many big players already trusted Next.JS with great results. Why is that? It offers many functionalities that are expected from innovative frameworks. If you care about time-to-market, this technology is optimized for quicker compilation and more intuitive update introduction.


No need for configuration

With hot reloading and automatic splitting of the code, as well as routing based on the filesystem - there’s no need for configuration. Adding extensions takes almost no effort and everything is fully customizable. Your web app, website or PWA will look and work exactly how you require.

Who might benefit from


Most of our enterprise customers and also startups looking for founding use Next.JS technology. It’s because it’s one of the most performative solutions for web-based products.

6 advantages of using

  1. Marketing

    SEO-friendly websites and apps that help with marketing strategies and reaching audience
  2. Fast & easy

    Customizable yet simple development which allows to achieve fast but high-quality results
  3. Scalable

    Progressive Web Apps that are ideal for e-commerce brands to operate hundreds of orders
  4. Convenient

    Quick and easy ways to add new elements, modules and functionalities
  5. Simple SSR

    Server Side Rendering handled in a significantly simplified way
  6. Renowned

    Used by development giants working for most renowned companies

FORTUNE 500 companies

based on Next.JS

  • twitch
  • hulu
  • nike
  • audible
  • ticket
  • typeform
  • tiktok
  • hilton
  • binance
  • ferrari

used technologies

  • React hooks

  • Redux

  • Saga

  • Context Api

  • Material UI

  • RxJS

  • GraphQL
    (Apollo client, Reley)

  • Web

  • TypeScript

  • Service<br/> Workers


  • Atomic

  • Micro

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