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A robust JavaScript library for User

Interface solutions

Designing UI and creating frontend for web and mobile applications is easy with React.JS. With this flexible but simple library we can build complex sets of components that connect into a beautiful and functional solution.

why react.js


Simple updates

Updating certain parts of the product easily without a need to rewrite the whole code is what makes React.JS stand out. It can be used to process a lot of data but also to build simple user interfaces.


Multifunctional solution

Because it is suitable for almost every project. You can use it for very simple apps but also for big, enterprise ones. Using this JavaScript library is so multifunctional that it will definitely match your product, whatever it may be. All the available components allow us to code user interfaces that are elegant, functional, and user-friendly.


Fits various needs

Whether you own a startup, a company that needs a boost with digitalization or you want another IT solution for your upcoming promotional campaign - with React.JS you can be sure it will look fantastic and work perfectly.

Who might benefit from


We’ve delivered more than 50 projects for startups and enterprises using React.JS and other innovative technologies. What matters most is that this framework is universal and allows us to create complex frontend development projects.

6 advantages of using

  1. Reusable

    Fast frontend development thanks to reusable components
  2. Stable

    Stable framework picked by the biggest businesses
  3. Discoverable

    SEO friendly for making your brand stand out in search engines
  4. Resourcefulness

    A pool of talented developers that can create a product of your dreams
  5. Testability

    Testing is maximally simplified and as efficient as it can be
  6. Data binding

    Debugging components of large applications is so much easier

FORTUNE 500 companies

based on React.JS

  • facebook
  • instagram
  • netflix
  • twitter
  • reddit
  • cnn
  • nyt
  • dailymotion
  • uber
  • split

used technologies

We usually use the typed TypeScript language to make our solutions even more perfect

  • React hooks

  • Redux

  • Saga

  • Context Api

  • Material UI

  • RxJS

  • GraphQL
    (Apollo client, Reley)

  • Web

  • TypeScript

  • Service<br/>Workers


  • Atomic

  • Micro

projects done with react.js

meet the team


Team matters

React.JS team at iteo consists of 15 specialists and IT passionates.

Their high-level expertise based on years of experience is here for you. Together we can achieve best results that will answer all your goals and needs. Each team follows Agile development framework, using SCRUM methodology and its routines.

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We create custom software solutions fitted exactly to your needs. Let us support your business in implementing any idea you might have. We have a common goal - creating something remarkable for your benefit.

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