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PHP Symfony is a highly functional blend of PHP Components, a Web Application framework, a Philosophy, and a Community. It’s a simple yet hefty framework that simplifies both our lives and daily work.

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Stunning enterprise solutions for diverse industries

Symfony is a thoroughly documented, open-source technology used by many popular brands. Its huge community stands for reliable support in overcoming the challenges of programming in PHP. It is used for creating engaging websites, advanced applications, and functional everyday tools, making a universal, all-embracing solution for different companies and purposes.

Projects developed with Symfony

Why Symfony?


Reusable Components and Templating system

Symfony works on the Reusable Components concept and is known for its great modularity, making both the process of development and code testing faster and easier. A lucid and concise code is guaranteed by a contemporary templating system – Twig. It’s swift, reliable, secure, flexible, allows defining custom tags and filters, as well as modifying the design according to affixed requirements.


Interoperability & a multitude of resources

During the process of development we’re able to use particular software building blocks. Symfony is also fully compliant with various infrastructures and libraries which makes the work faster and more efficient. Additionally, a developer has access to many useful resources – community support is key in making the product 100% spot-on.


Who might benefit from Symfony development

The technology is most frequently used in the healthcare and IT sector, but nearly every business can make good use of its advantages. E-commerce companies appreciate it for instance because of a simple and fast sales platforms’ development, implementing various payment methods, and integrating a service with social media.

Additional advantages


Adding new functionalities and changing the core of a product doesn’t require a complete reconfiguration.


The fastest PHP framework with strong emphasis on flawless performance.


Compatibility among all minor versions of the framework guarantees stability and sustainability.


Adaptation to many unique requirements with independent and configurable elements.


Tools that make the process of development friendly, joyfull, unflawed, and safe.


Incorporating most pioneering tools and following the best industry practices.

Dedicated PHP Symfony workshops

We organize tailored PHP Symfony workshops adjusted to your level of competences and knowledge. We introduce you to the most essential aspects of working with the framework, increasing your applied knowledge and allowing you to use it in a commercial project.


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I’m glad I have a partner in iteo that is able to complete the project seamlessly from concept, through development, to product launch.

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